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About US

There are big differences between the U.S. and most foreign tax systems

This means Americans living overseas can

  • Overpay tax
  • Fail to benefit from tax treaties
  • Face complicated inheritances
  • Have difficulties accessing U.S. assets
  • Pay double tax on social security
  • Fail to enroll for full social security benefits
  • Suffer costly Estate and tax filings

If you are not sure if you have to file with the IRS …

What We Do

We work with Americans living overseas to file their taxes with the IRS


We specialise filing your U.S. tax returns and can help with estates, pensions, social security, inheritances, and much more



We are CPAs, legal, tax, and accounting professionals

U.S. Tax is complicated

and our experience makes it simple.

We know the system so you dont have to…